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          Cleaning skills of car mats

            Do not soak and scrub the foot pad completely in water. On the one hand, it will destroy the bonding of several layers of different materials inside the foot pad. On the other hand, the foot pad will not dry out for a long time, which will affect the use effect and cause the car to get wet. For foot pads made of plush and linen, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to vacuum, which can make the dirty foot pads look less dirty. For more dirty foot pads, you can only use special detergent. Generally, the above two dust removal tasks are carried out before detergent is used, then an appropriate amount of detergent is sprayed, and the brush is used to clean it, and then a clean cloth is used to absorb the excess detergent.

            leather foot pads should pay attention to that no matter what kind of leather, do not wash with water, no matter how good the leather is, it can't stand the torment. The care method of leather foot pads should be the same as our fur coats. Even our fur coats cannot be washed with water. Use the sun to dry them. Do not wash the leather foot pads with water. If you feel a little dirty, just use it. Use a damp cloth to wipe the sassafras, if there is no wet cloth, you can wipe it with a paper towel dampened with water. And some car wash masters in auto beauty shops use water guns to wash, which will damage the leather foot pads, so be careful. But you want to protect your car and do it yourself.

            Carpet-like non-slip mats can be dry-cleaned and washed with water, and the dry-cleaning effect is better. Use a low-alkali detergent for washing, and soak in 30 degrees warm water for 10 minutes. Then gently rub and wash, fold the cushion and put it in the dehydrator for dehydration, and then spread the cushion flat in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade, pay attention not to expose it to the sun or wring it out!

            Normal PV material non-slip foot pads are easier to clean. When cleaning the car, just rinse it with water.

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